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garbolaxx for the forum
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For phoenixsmoon ! came out interesting??
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For spazzy Jenny
actually this is my first ferrothorn splice
p good for the first haha
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this was the actual request for someone on tsplicf haha
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For learningtimebuster on tsplicf
starting up requests on there for the summer!
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Since I’ve become tsplica’s newest admin, I will probably only take requests rarely on here, since I have to do the flaaffies and requests to keep the blog active, I might do the occasional one ;_;

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sorry if I get a request and I’m slow at getting to it ;_; I have one in my inbox now that I’ll get to later this week.

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dangarang when did I get to 168 followers??? thank you so much guys

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Made a paint bird for the next part of the contest.
used: celebi, eevee, archen, archeops, and smeargle.
It’s pretty simple but it honestly represents my artistic side pretty well
*was very close to doing a magic sort of bird/bat but I decided this one would be better.
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so FUCKING done with this
cherrim, snubull, chandelure, chatot, happiny, cherrim, skuntank, pachirisu, and woobat
honestly I had to ref off of snubull/skuntank for the  mouth so I technically spliced that entirely
resisted the urge to hand splice shit which is why the bottom half looks weird
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Poison/Steel diesel punk frog
for Zach’s part of the challenge
politoad, ghastly and shiny klinklang colors as well as a lot of my own and politoad gold, klingklang, vanilluxe,croagunk, cronconaw, and seismitoad.
Possible flavor text:
This robotic frog was designed and used for the processing of oil/diesel. It pumps out a toxic smoke through it’s pipe out of it’s head and mouth.
The fumes that are pumped out of this pokemon are highly toxic and dangerous to be around for long amounts of time.
It’s troat semi circle is used to hold the processed oil, and spits it up from it’s mouth when needed. It’s stomach is meant purely to process oil/diesel.